Voyages of the Dragon wynd

Will ye aye? Come aboard.

Captain's warning.

Men of the Wynd, and those who seek passage here.  Beware.  Blacklisted, black-hearted, twice-born and twice damned am I.  Sworn and marked to Bones, I command this ship by the Unwritten Code which even the blackest heart fears.  But this day I tell you, look to your hearts.  Screw up your courage, string bows and stand, for now begins the battle. 

The End of the World is our aim, and we cannot stop until we set foot in the places even Pirates fear to tread.  And for what end?  For this, the Empire has advanced Dragon Banners against my house and Kin, even those who forsook the Shenn name.  My half-kin who threw me out for my father's crimes are brought low by Dragon blades. 

Once the bells ring there is no coming back for they mean to bring us low.  They spare none, no quarter is given and so none will be returned.  They no longer seek to bring us back in chains, but rather mean to lay us low in the shallows that we forfeit our names in the Lands Beyond. 

Those who know me know that I am a man of honor, so consider this a warning.  For those who have never served and are not blooded, I will not spare the lash, and for the rest, my knife is ready to pay dishonor with death.  Already, treasons are prepared against us, and those who stand before me, have no ground to run to.  For by the time the bells ring and our boards are free to sail, the banners will advance against your houses, this I know to be true. 

So I tell you men, you answer Aye, but this is our end.  We will fly black and die black, never again will we be known as Free men.  Some war is waged against us that drives us to this.  So take hold, screw up your courage, sharpen your knives, string your bows, fletch your arrows true.  Speak your prayers, say goodbye to the lands you knew for all that awaits us is deep water and death.

Those who will come;
Speak AYE.

Send word.

An if ye have something unfit for the ears of the rest of me crew, shame be to you, but ye may send a runner to this port of call.  It will be answered as soon as it may be.